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Admission Application

Students applying for admission to Middle Tennessee Cardiovascular Institute should complete an application for enrollment, which is included in the application packet listed below. An application can be obtained by calling or emailing Middle Tennessee Cardiovascular Institute, or below. Students must submit official college transcripts and two (2) recommendation letters in order to be considered. Students must also submit all other materials and documents for admission, which can be found on the “Application Checklist” Link. Selected students are not determined to have a secured seat in the Program until the required Screening Interview, Background Check and Drug Screening are completed and acceptably scored. Students will be contacted regarding the decision on acceptance within 4 weeks of completing the screening interview and required application packet.


Acceptance and Notification

Up to ten (10) students are accepted for the Middle Tennessee Cardiovascular Institute Adult Echocardiography Program based on fulfilling educational requirements, grade point average, screening interview, successful completion of a background check and drug screening, completing required immunizations and faculty approval. Any fault-finding results on a student’s background check and/or drug screening would result in acceptance being denied to the Program. The applicant will receive a decision letter following their scheduled and completed Screening Interview. Accepted applicants will have ten (10) days (if permitted) to accept and make the $1,500 deposit to secure their spot in the Program.