Admittance Decision


Following acceptance to MTCVI, the student must complete the enrollment requirements to secure their place in the Program.

1. Sign the MTCVI Enrollment Agreement
2. Pay the Commitment Fee of $1,500
3. Receive and read a copy of the MTCVI Student Handbook
4. Complete the required Background Check, Drug Screening Test, Immunizations, and Physical Exam
5. Complete and sign the MTCVI Pre-Enrollment Checklist

If accepted into the Program, the student will have ten (10) days (if permitted) to make a deposit of $1,500 to secure the student’s spot in the Program. Registration will be scheduled by a MTCVI Representative following acceptance to the Program.

Late Registration Policy

Middle Tennessee Cardiovascular Institute does not offer late registration to students. Registration will only be held until June 14, 2019.