Required Technical Standards


Each MTCVI applicant must be able to perform the following tasks to be accepted to and successfully complete the Program:

1. Push and pull wheelchair with patient seated in wheelchair.
2. Lean over to lock wheelchair and lift footrests.
3. Push and pull stretcher with patient resting on stretcher, lock and unlock stretcher for patient transfer.
4. Push mobile equipment, and maneuver around patient bed and through hallways in surgical suites.
5. Verbally instruct patient in a clear, concise, easily understandable manner.
6. Visually assess patient’s condition.
7. Visually assess the sonographic image.
8. Interact appropriately with patients, co-workers, visitors, and hospital staff.
9. Read and comprehend written communications (i.e. Charts, exam requisitions). Provide written communication to medical and technical staff.
10. Demonstrate manual dexterity in handling of items such as cassettes, syringes and needles, sterile items and transducers.
11. Ability to ascend and descend stairway in case of fire or absence of elevator.
12. Descend to the floor, resting on knees for performing chest compressions.
13. Use extended arms and force of shoulders and upper back to compress chest 2 inches.
14. Respond appropriately to sounds, i.e. patient voice and movements, at a normal conversational volume.
15. Respond appropriately to equipment signals such as sound and light.
16. Manipulate mechanical and patient care equipment simultaneously, i.e. dials, switches, push buttons, keyboards, transducer, and blood pressure equipment.
17. Perform for a prolonged period without breaks, e.g., typical shift of eight hours.
18. Demonstrate adequate visual acuity to differentiate among subtle shades of grey/color used in diagnostic sonography image formation.